This is the OS/2 Voice Software Provisioning Portal

Its function is to complement the software-repositories published by OS/2 Voice.
Besides providing additional information about the software-packages, there is also
contact information provided, which can be used to request help or engage in the ongoing
development of this OS/2 Voice service — software-provisioning.

OS/2 Voice Services

In general, an installable software-package comes from one or more software-projects.
Many of the software-packages are built from open-source software, which enables custom
building of the binaries. Building from source involves the concept of software-development
and this is also a service that is going to be provided by OS/2 Voice.

The areas mentioned above are composed of various parts where each part can be thought of as the result
of a development effort. One obvious part is a software-package, which needs to be constructed and tested
before it can be published using a software-repository. Another part is a public website, which provides a kind
of meta-context around the software-provisioning service. Yet another is building the binaries from source or
even developing new software.

Created Saturday 31 August 2019